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Wellness Solutions Group LLC provides industries and trades with fitness and wellness programs with a focus on employee performance and injury prevention.  We use Functional Medicine Health Coaching and Functional Movement Training in non-traditional and austere remote areas coupled with on-line education programs to reinforce compliance and sustainability.  


Our transformation series provides simple strategies and real-world tools for a healthy lifestyle.  

We employ our four pillars of human performance — Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery — to build a strong foundation and to help people succeed.

Our transformation series provides the habit-building guidance and peer support needed to improve energy levels, strength, and overall health.

The transformation series provides a collaborative, supportive environment for personal transformation in the areas of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery.  Each session is presented either in person or digitally in an educational group setting and focuses on a single topic.  With the guidance of our team, attendees build positive habits and learn simple strategies that can help them tackle everyday challenges and improve vitality.

With the transformation series, people work closely with their peers to support each other’s goals.

As a result, they improve their energy levels, strength, weight management, and other markers of health and performance.

Our courses cover topics such as injury prevention, core strength, posture, functional movement, creating positive change, preparing healthy dinners, using breathing to ease stress, and sleeping soundly.

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