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Foundation Training CONNECT

Learn to Get Out of Pain, Enhance Performance, and Prevent Injuries 

We are honored to deliver Foundation Training- a system that provides tools that can help alleviate many kinds of pain, improve performance, and prevent injuries: back, knee, foot, shoulder, neck just to name a few.  It can have positive effects on stress and PTSD.  It can help prevent surgeries or if you’ve had surgery already, it can dramatically improve recovery. And for so many, it can decrease the need for pain medication.

No matter your age, health, or fitness level – even if you are disabled – you can help improve your health and wellbeing with Foundation Training.


Meet Colonel Bill Ohl, a 23-year Army Ranger Veteran. His brave and courageous service protecting our country earned him awards and accolades, but also countless injuries and seemingly irreparable damage. He endured many therapies and treatments including four back surgeries. But it was discovering Foundation Training that ultimately gave him his health back. “After Foundation Training, I’m living the exact retirement I’ve always dreamed of.”


*A portion of the proceeds from any program purchase supports our nonprofit work at Warrior Wellness Solutions *

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