Elijah has worked with the most elite mentors in integrative medicine, martial arts, sports performance, military training, strength and conditioning, functional movement, mind-body medicine and nutrition to include the following:



Vaughn Gray-Rhodes Scholar and a recipient of the Wilma Crowther award for top Human Scientist at Oxford-Human Science

Joshua Rosenthal MEd - Integrative Nutrition

Dr. Andrew Weil- Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Theory

Dr. Joel Fuhrman-Nutritarian Dietary Theory

Dr. David Katz Yale Prevention Research Center-Integrative Nutrition

Dr. Mark Hyman-Ultraprevention & Ultrametabolism

David Wolf M.S. Nutrition-Super Foods & Raw Foods Nutrition

Dr. Walter Willet-Chair of Nutrition Harvard School of Public Health

Deepak Chopra-Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spirituality

Jay Kordich-Juicing

T. Colin Campbell-Food Biochemistry & Plant-Based Nutrition

Brendan Brazier-Plant Based Athletics

Rich Roll-Mind Body Nutrition & Plant Based Athletics

Joe Cross- "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" Juicing & Blending

Dr. Frank Lippman-Functional Medicine & Detoxing

Dr. Robert S. Morse-is a board certified and accredited Naturopathic physician, a biochemist and an herbalist. He is the founder of a naturopathic clinic, an herb pharmacy, and a school of detoxification. Dr. Morse was a protégé of the late Dr. Bernard Jensen, the founder of the science of Iridology, and a great advocate of raw food. Jensen called Morse, “one of the world’s greatest healers.” A frequent lecturer and talk show guest, Robert Morse is the author of the books: The Illusion Called Disease; and Getting Healthy with Herbal Formulas, and numerous articles in the field of natural health.

Dr. Terry Wahls – Founder- “The Wahls Protocol”



Gray Cook-Functional Movement Screening & Corrective Exercise

Brett Jones-Functional Movement Screening & Kettlebell Training

Dr. Mark Cheng- Prehab Rehab 101. Functional Movement Screening & Corrective Exercise

MovNat-Primal Movement

Esther Gokhale | Gokhale Method Institute-8 Steps to a Pain Free Back

Dr. Eric Goodman-Foundation Training

John Philbin-Olympic Strength Coaching, Speed, Agility & Quickness

Mark Verstegen-Integrative Functional Athletic Training

Juan Carlos Santana / Institute for Human Performance-Functional Fitness



Ryan Massimo USMC Combat Fitness Program Manager-Tactical Strength & Conditioning

Robb Orr-USMC HIIT Biomechanics of Speed Development for Tactical Strength & Conditioning

Danny McMillian PT PhD | Former 75th Ranger Regiment Athlete Warrior Program Director

Nick Barringer MS CSCS-75th Ranger Regiment Dietician-Tactical Nutrition

Stew Smith US Naval Academy SEAL Selection | Former US Navy SEAL-Tactical Strength & Conditioning

Jay Merlino-US SOCOM Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mark Stephenson, MS, ATC, CSCS, *D, TSAC-F  | Head of the US SOCOM Human Performance Program


Supreme Grand Master Fusei Kise-Orthodox Okinawan Karate, Weapons Training

Team Nogueira- Brazilian Jujitsu, MuayThai, MMA

Professor Seth Shamp- Gracie Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt / Owner Triangle Jiu Jitsu

Murilo Bustamante – Founder and Head of Brazilian Top Team, former UFC champion, BJJ Mundial champion



Kim Manfredi-Hatha Yoga

Brian Kest-Power Yoga

Ana Forest-Yoga & Emotional Healing

Suzanne Manafort-Mindful Yoga Therapy

Glen Black – Human Movement, Mobility & Yoga Nidra



Dr. Hal Breedlove – FBI / DOD Consultant on Tactical Vision

FBI Department of Justice National Hostage Negotiators Conference - Hostage Negotiation Training

Steve Reichert Training - US Marine Corps Sniper / Longest Confirmed Kill in Iraq / Founder-TIER 1 Group: M-4 Carbine Employment, CQB, Handgun Skill Development, Defensive Handgun, Precision / Designated Marksman Rifle

Dave Maynard / Warrior Fighter Academy - Former US Navy Seal and CIA Operative, Co-Founder of the Surefire Institute: Low Light / No Light Gun Fighting, CQB, Force on Force

Northern Red Training-1st SOF DELTA and Special Forces Veterans Tom Spooner and JD Potynski:

Gunfighter Carbine & Pistol, Advanced Opposed CQB, OPFOR for DEA, FBI HRT, Special Forces, SWAT

TMACS INC- 1st SOF DELTA Veteran Pat McNamara: TAPS Handgun, TAPS Carbine, Vehicle Tactics, Sentinel Course, Combat Strength Training Course

CTT Solutions- 1st SOF DELTA and US Marine Recon Veteran Mike Pannone: Covert Carry Pistol

Mike "The Witch Doc" Voytko-1st SOF DELTA Special Forces Medic: Trauma Management

Sheriff of Baghdad-Sgt. Major John Shrek McPhee 1st SOF DELTA Special Forces Veteran: Night Vision, Thermal, Laser




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